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Even more guest appearances at Stockholm show
November 17th, 2011

As just announced, we’re proud to have ex-Katatonia members Fredrik Norrman (1994-2010), Mattias Norrman (1999-2010) and Guillaume Le Huche (1992-1995) onboard and of course the one and only Stockholm-New York musician jedi, Krister Linder, with us this evening. But now we’ve also managed to persuade the mysterious and secretive collaborator Frank Default to be part of the show. Nevertheless, this man shouldn’t be a stranger if you know your Katatonia history since he was the painter of our electronic colorbook on ‘Night Is The New Day’ and he has also been previosuly featured with a bunch of Katatonia remixes on a few of our singles.

A few fans have been asking about a possible apperance by two other people that have also been part of our history, Mikael Åkerfeldt (live guitarist 1993-1994, vocals on ‘Brave Murder Day’ & ‘Sounds Of Decay’) and Dan Swanö (producer, engineer, guest musician and drums on ‘Tonight’s Decision’) and yes they were both invited, but unfortunately had to decline due to other commitments and conflicting schedules.

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