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Last Fair Day Gone Night – An Evening With Katatonia
January 17th, 2011

20 years of Katatonia going strong calls for a celebration and we’ll be doing just that by throwing five very special anniversary gigs in Europe this coming May presented as the ‘Last Fair Day Gone Night – An Evening With Katatonia’ tour 2011.

We’ve decided to play the entire ‘Last Fair Deal Gone Down’ album front to back as that’s the one album that got us true worldwide recognition for the first time, but 2011 is also the album’s 10th anniversary so re-visiting this album seems more fitting than any other record we’ve done. A second set will follow that will see us play a mix of tracks from the rest of our catalogue. We’ll be doing some fan favourites classics but also look into a couple of obscure B-sides and such that we’ve never or hardly played live before. Together you should get over two hours of live music on this last fair day gone night.

Besides the standard tickets, which will go on sale this Wednesday Jan 19th, we’ve decided to reserve 70 tickets per show for VIP’s who will be up for some real nice treats.

If you’re one of those VIP’s you will receive a Katatonia tour messenger bag upon arrival filled with exclusive items such as a t-shirt exclusive to that particular show, an exclusive VIP laminate, a + 20 page tour programme (that we’re all busy writing as I’m typing this), a ltd edition vinyl of our latest album ‘Night is The New Day’ and a bunch more cool Katatonia merch items.

But that’s not all; all VIP’s will have a dedicated meet ‘n greet with the whole band so we can shake hands, have your picture taken and hang out for a chat! After that you can watch us sound check for about an hour where you’ll hear some songs from the set list and watch us prepare the show. Then it’s dinner time so you can go out and grab a bite while you’ll be confident to learn that your VIP laminate will allow you back inside the venue a bit earlier than anyone else, so you’ll have a smooth and free picking to where you like to position yourself.

The London UK show will be filmed for a DVD

Last but not least; right now we’re very busy talking to all our equipment endorsers for them to make some goods available that we’ll combine into one ‘grand prize’! All VIP’s will automatically enter into a draw for one lucky guy or girl to win this ultimate prize, which we’ll reveal the details about in the next coming weeks. See it as a nice extra bonus already and you can’t get disappointed….

Head over to the tour dates for more detailed information. VIP tickets are on sale as of now and standard tickets will go up on sale this Wednesday.

If you chose to get a VIP ticket you should be prepared to be at the venue around 2pm on show day. Exact times will vary per show but you’ll be notified in advance of all confirmed details.

We hope you’re just as much excited about this special celebration as we are! See you at the show and lets have a toast for the last fair day gone night!

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